Educational Webinars

The LAM Foundation offers educational webinars covering a broad range of topics relevant to the LAM community. See the list below to check out recordings of these sessions.

Previously Recorded Webinars

  • 2021 Day of Giving Research Summary

  • Recorded on 9/9/2021
  • This engaging discussion will provide an overview and lay interpretation of the August 20 LAM Research Virtual Conference. Don’t miss this chance to hear our scientific leadership share what current research trends might mean looking forward.

  • Supplemental Oxygen: Understanding and Optimizing Resources and Systems to Fit Your Needs

  • Recorded on 6/2/2021
  • This presentation will provide an overview of oxygen basics, assessing the need for oxygen, what to expect from your provider, integrating oxygen into your fitness routine, and future trends in oxygen reimbursement and access.


  • TSC/LAM Virtual Town Hall: COVID Vaccine Update

  • Recorded on 4/20/2021
  • This recording is presented by: Peter Crino, MD, PhD, TSC Clinic Director at the University of Maryland Medical Center, Chair of the TS Alliance Board of Directors Nishant Gupta, MD, Scientific Director, Director of the LAM Clinic Network, Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Cincinnati Medical Center. Drs. Crino and Gupta provided updates on COVID vaccines in the TSC and LAM communities.
  • Download the presentation here:​ 


  • Recorded on 4/7/2021
  • This recording begins with a tribute to Dr. Frank McCormack followed by a conversation with Drs. Elizabeth Henske, Vera Krymskaya, and Nishant Gupta. Our speakers share insights about the latest advancements in LAM science and offer a peek into what has each of them excited moving forward.

  • Complications of LAM

  • Recorded on 10/17/2020
  • Ali Ataya, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Co-Director, LAM and Rare Lung Diseases Clinic, from the University of Florida speaks on the complications of LAM during the 2020 Virtual TSC & LAM Conference Series. 

  • Pregnancy and Delivery in Women with LAM

  • Recorded on 9/12/2020
  • Joseph Barney, MD, LAM Clinic Director, from the University of Alabama at Birmingham speaks on pregnancy and delivery in women with LAM during the 2020 Virtual TSC & LAM Conference Series. 

  • Rapamycin: From Fruit Flies to Easter Island and MILES In Between | LAMposium In Your Living Room

  • Recorded on 9/2/2020
  • This presentation by LAM specialist Dr. Kotloff will cover the rationale for why rapamycin appeared to be an excellent drug for treating LAM, what we learned from the MILES trial, and our experience in using rapamycin. Dr. Kotloff will also discuss who is eligible to receive this treatment, its potential side effects, and what questions remain about the risks and benefits associated with its use.

  • Looking Towards the Future In LAM 

  • Recorded on 7/16/2020
  • As part of "LAM Week at the ATS" and in conjunction with PAR partner the LAM Foundation, the ATS hosted a webinar on July 16th. The webinar is entitled, "Looking Toward the Future in LAM" and was presented by Nishant Gupta, MD of the University of Cincinnati.

  • LAM Science Forum | LAMposium In Your Living Room

  • Recorded on 6/3/2020
  • The second session in our LAMposium In Your Living Room education series, “LAM Science Forum: LAM Tissue Donors Participate in Building on Discoveries in Mouse Models to Advance our Understanding of LAM,” featuring Stephen Hammes, MD, PhD, and Kathryn Wikenheiser-Brokamp, MD, PhD. In this unique session, Drs. Hammes and Wikenheiser-Brokamp will share their insights on the latest LAM research. This informal discussion format will highlight the critical role of patient-donated tissues and mouse models in advancing our understanding of LAM disease to inform the development of new diagnostic and treatment strategies. You will also learn how hormones influence LAM progression.


  • Exercise & LAM What Do We Know? | LAMposium In Your Living Room

  • Recorded on 5/6/2020
  • "Exercise & LAM: What Do We Know?" featuring Mary Beth Brown, PT, PhD is the first webinar of our LAMposium In Your Living Room series. Listen as she shares insights from her study that examines the impact of a home-based exercise program for patients living with LAM. She will discuss aspects of her study as well as the benefits of exercise in the LAM population.

  • Powering LAM Research Webinar

  • Recorded on 1/16/2020

  • Women with LAM have a long tradition of taking action to create a better future for themselves and others living with LAM through education and participating in scientific research. Continue this trailblazing culture by watching this webinar presented by Frank McCormack, MD, Scientific Director of The LAM Foundation.

  • LAM Evidence-Based Practice Guidelines

    Recorded on 4/28/2018

    Lymphangioleiomyomatosis Evidence Based Practice video is a one hour review of the 2016 and 2017 ATS/JRS Clinical Practice Guidelines presented by experienced LAM Clinic Directors. This video covers recommendations for diagnosis, treatment, and management of LAM patients.

  • Management of LAM: What Every Patient Should Know

    Recorded on 3/7/2018

    Nishant Gupta, MD, LAM Clinic Director at the University of Cincinnati and Medical Director of the LAM Clinic Network leads this informative webinar. In this webinar, Dr. Gupta highlights what every patient should know about how LAM is managed by their clinical care team.

  • Chest Pain : Insight into the Reasons Why Women with LAM Have Pain

  • Recorded on 3/8/2016
  • As part of LAM Week at the ATS and in conjunction with PAR partner The LAM Foundation, the ATS presented a live webinar held on Tuesday, March 8, 2016. The webinar entitled, "Chest Pain: Insight into the Reasons Why Women with LAM Have Pain" and was hosted by Stephen Ruoss, MD of Stanford University School of Medicine.