Worldwide LAM Awareness Month 

June has been designated Worldwide LAM Awareness Month (WWLAM) by the Worldwide LAM Patient Coalition. WWLAM brings together the global community in a collaborative effort to educate the world about the signs and symptoms of LAM, raise funds to support women living with LAM, and share our global achievements to inspire researchers and clinicians to optimize therapies and find a cure for LAM. 

Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM) is a rare and progressive lung disease that primarily affects women and has no known cure. To learn more about LAM, CLICK HERE.  

The LAM Foundation invites you to take part in Worldwide LAM Awareness Month this year! Here are a few ways you can participate: 


Raise Funds to Support The LAM Foundation 

Support The LAM Foundation by asking your family and friends to donate on your behalf. All WWLAM donations support The LAM Foundation's ongoing work to fund promising research, build awareness and find a cure for LAM.  

  1. Create a Facebook Fundraiser asking for donations to The LAM Foundation. You can also tag The LAM Foundation in a regular Facebook post and include the “donate” button. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #WWLAM!  
    1. For step-by-step instructions on how to create a Facebook Fundraiser click here.  
  2. Write a letter or e-mail and ask your community for contributions to The LAM Foundation. Telling your story can have a powerful effect!  
    1. Download a sample letter here
  3. Donate directly to The LAM Foundation by clicking here.  
    1. Double your donation with Corporate Gift Matching. This is the best way to increase the impact of your gift during WWLAM. Most companies have matching gift programs that double, or even triple, your contribution. Check with your Human Resources department for information on how to double your donation to The LAM Foundation. 

Build LAM Awareness 

  1. Purchase the official Worldwide LAM Awareness Month T-shirts, by clicking here.  
  2. Share this LAM awareness video (or create your own like Crosby High School in Waterbury, CT) on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.  
  3. Share the WWLAM poster with your community.
    1. Download the 8 1/2" X 11" version here. 
    2. Download the A4 version here. 
  4. Post the WWLAM logo as your social media profile picture for the month of June. 
    1. Download WWLAM logo here. 
    2. Download Facebook cover photo here. 
  5. Update your Twitter profile and cover photo using the links below. 
    1. Download Twitter cover photo.
    2. Download Twitter profile photo. 
  6. Educate your healthcare providers (pulmonologist, gynecologist, primary care provider, etc.) by sharing the Air We Breathe Campaign and LAM Treatment Guidelines. 
    1. Download the 2016 LAM Clinical Practice Guidelines here.  
    2. Download the 2017 LAM Clinical Practice Guidelines here.  
  7. Contact your local TV health news reporter or newspaper editor, and share your journey with LAM. 
    1. Download a sample letter to send to the editor here.   
  8. Reach out to your local government officials to tell your story and ask them to declare June “Worldwide LAM Awareness Month”.  
    1. Download a sample proclamation here.  

Thank you for participating in WWLAM! If you have any questions about how to raise funds or build awareness, contact or (513) 777-6889.