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Fighting for a LAM Diagnosis and Now a Cure

Posted on August 05, 2022   |   

For seven years, I continually searched for answers because I knew something was wrong with my health. I had a hard time breathing and started coughing up blood clots with exertion or exercise. I went to several pulmonologists, but no one could find anything. On a family trip to Greece in 2014, I had a severe episode while swimming with my daughters. I couldn’t breathe, I became dizzy and almost passed out.  I spent two days in bed without being able to move. The

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Categories: Patient Profiles

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Life with LAM | Brenda Esparza Solis

Posted on June 25, 2021   |   

Cosmetologist | Mexico 

“Since my LAM diagnosis, my life has changed completely. From leading to my divorce – because I was misunderstood by my partner – to learning to appreciate every second and every small thing that happens to me. Day by day, I appreciate life more. I don’t take it for granted. LAM also led to my issues with anxiety. That

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Topics: #WWLAM        Categories: Patient Profiles
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Life with LAM | Beverly Holtzman

Posted on June 18, 2021   |   

Lung Transplant Recipient | Canada

“Living with LAM has been eye-opening. One day you think you’re fine, and the next day you have a rare disease with no cure, and you will need a double lung transplant at some point. Before undergoing that double lung transplant in 2017, I had LAM for 15 years. While coping with the disease, I used to work

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Topics: #WWLAM        Categories: Patient Profiles
Maria Jose Salazar_websize.jpg

Life with LAM | Maria Jose Salazar

Posted on June 11, 2021   |   

Sworn Translator and Interpreter | Guatemala City, Guatemala 

“I was diagnosed with LAM when I started to feel short of breath. Nothing else had happened to me, but two weeks later the real journey started. In a period of one week, I suffered two pneumothoraces and had pleurodesis performed. My world fell into pieces when I realized what was

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Topics: #WWLAM        Categories: Patient Profiles
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Life with LAM | Yvonne Chambers

Posted on June 04, 2021   |   

Talent Acquisition & Workforce Generalist | Seaside, California 

“I remember having chest pains about a year before my actual diagnosis and experienced shortness of breath for at least the last decade. My diagnosis came from an ER doctor after I was awoken by chest pains in the middle of the night. I thought I was having a heart attack. My

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Topics: #WWLAM        Categories: Patient Profiles
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Single cell RNA sequencing provides insights into LAM and a potential link to COVID-19

Posted on May 28, 2021   |   

Single cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) is a technology that allows the analysis of transcriptome of individual cells; that is, to measure and analyze the messenger RNA (mRNA) molecules made by each cell in a tissue or in a biological process. Recent advances in this powerful technology provide us with exciting opportunities to study LAM at an unprecedented resolution, enabling the discovery of novel disease-related cells, predicting biomarkers and potential treatment targets, and providing new insights into the development of LAM.

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Topics: ScienceFriday Single Cell Analysis        Categories: Educational Resources
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