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June 2017 has been designated as the first Worldwide LAM Awareness Month (WWLAM) by the Worldwide LAM Patient Coalition. WWLAM brings together the global community in a collaborative effort to educate the world about the signs and symptoms of LAM, raise funds to support women living with LAM and share our achievements to inspire researchers and clinicians to optimize therapies and find a cure for LAM.

LAM-Netherlands was founded in 2010 by Ine van Meijeren and communicates with 60 women with LAM. The headquarters for LAM-Netherlands is in Wijk and Aalburg. The organization is run by four volunteers, when needed, they ask for help from local women with LAM and their families.

Professor Jan Grutters is the medical and scientific adviser for the organization and is the head of the only LAM clinic in the Netherlands.

Women in the Netherlands can call the foundation to tell their story and have their questions answered.

They can also connect through their website LAM Netherlands organizes a meeting for LAM women and their partners every two years.

The most important thing for LAM women in the Netherlands is that they are all referred to the LAM clinic at the hospital in Nieuwegein.

To learn more about LAM-Netherlands visit their website at

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