Vaccinations for Patients with LAM

Posted on January 25, 2017   |   

by Stephen Ruoss, MD, LAM Clinic Director, Stanford University Medical Center

Our goal for achieving the overall best management of people with LAM is to be aware of and address the important secondary issues and needs just as much as we address the primary clinical issues in LAM patients. And I can think of no better example of this approach than vaccinations. Vaccines are a wonderful addition to the world of medical care, providing so much benefit for people, and with such safety. And vaccines are the ultimate example of preventive medical care, producing great protection from what can be disastrous infections, particularly in patients with significant lung problems.

The accompanying information on vaccinations is a great way for all of us, both patients and care providers, to know about keeping up to date on necessary vaccinations. It’s a very well organized and efficient on the topic. Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page to check out this “must-read” information for all of us.

Enjoy staying best-informed and best-managed with your vaccinations!

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