Houston Education Gathering

Posted on October 19, 2016   |   

Alka Sahelba, Mary Harris, Dr. Rosa, Frances Saldivar-Morales, Kathi Hawn, Carolyn Robertson.jpg

LAM Liaison, Kathi Hawn, was so excited to share her LAMposium experience with women in her region, she hosted a gathering in her home, just two weeks after the conference. And she invited some very important women who came to present on new LAM research that came from the RLDC•2016•LAMposium. LAM Clinic Director, Rosa M. Estrada-Y-Martin, MD, MSc, from the University of Texas Health Center and Caryn Pope, SLAM trial research coordinator from Baylor University were there to meet with everyone.

Dr. Rosa talked about what she learned at RLDC and Caryn talked about the ongoing SLAM trial. Those LAMMIES who attended LAMposium gave recaps too. Kathi Hawn shares, “It was a small group, so it was like having our very own roundtable discussion with a LAM clinic director - it was SO very special!! When I finally looked at the clock it was 7:15 pm (and we started at 3 pm). We just sat around and talked, getting to know each other - words don't adequately express how special it was.”

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