Multicenter International Durability and Safety of Sirolimus in LAM (MIDAS) Trial

The MIDAS Study has been open and enrolling LAM patients for about two years. There are now over 200 participants eager to contribute to LAM research. Many women with LAM have already consented for the study through the University of Cincinnati and will be followed by their local LAM clinic.

Potential participants include all adult LAM patients and adult women with TSC, whether they have known LAM or not. This study is observational, meaning we observe the natural course of LAM in each participant. It is open to LAM patients who may or may not be using sirolimus.

What to Expect
MIDAS participants will be asked to attend at least one clinical visit with their local LAM clinic/LAM doctor each year. At each visit, questionnaires will be completed and an optional blood draw for participants who want to donate blood samples to the Rare Lung Disease Consortium Repository for later study will be collected. Patients taking sirolimus or everolimus will be asked to complete a drug diary which is available electronically or on paper.

Study Locations
There are currently 18 open study sites located in Ann Arbor, Boston, Charleston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Jacksonville, Nashville, Philadelphia, Portland, Rochester NY, Salt Lake City, Stanford, St. Louis and Seattle. Sites expected to open soon are located in Atlanta, Bethesda, Birmingham, New York City, and Rochester MN.

For additional information or to be connected with the study team at your local LAM clinic, please contact Susan McMahan at or 513-558-4376.

A description of this clinical trial will be available on, as required by U.S. Law. is a registry and results database of publicly and privately supported clinical studies of human participants conducted around the world.