Educating Pulmonologists at the ATS Conference

Over 16,000 pulmonologists from more than 90 countries gathered in Washington, DC for the annual American Thoracic Society (ATS) Conference. The LAM Foundation was there too, educating physicians, researchers, clinic coordinators; building LAM awareness in this action-filled week. Click here to read more about all that took place.

Highlights from the conference included:

  • The LAM Foundation's Scientific Director, Frank McCormack, MD, presented about the FDA approval of sirolimus and the MILES trial during a Meet the Experts panel. His presentation was followed by lunch and a roundtable discussion moderated by Joel Moss, MD, PhD, of the NIH, where local patients could have their LAM and Tuberous Sclerosis questions answered.
  • LAM patient, Mary Stojic, gave her ‘patient perspective’ to kick off a lecture series about interstitial lung diseases.
  • LAM Clinic Director Lisa Young, MD, from Vanderbilt University, received the PAR Excellence Award. This award is presented each year to a pulmonary doctor that provides vision, hope, support and relief to those living with threatening pulmonary illness.
  • Assistance Clinical Investigator Martin Chen, MD, from the NIH, presented his proposal on “Chest CT at Chest X-ray Radiation Dose”. Dr. Chen was a runner-up in this competition; he was awarded $2,500 toward his research project.
  • More than 50 LAM Clinic Directors gathered at a luncheon to learn about all that is taking place at The LAM Foundation and to discuss the upcoming scientific conferences.