Raising Awareness In The Media

Often times, local news media are looking for human interest stories about community members dealing with challenges and overcoming them. To form a list of media in your area, visit your local library or on the Internet (search local media Web sites). We would suggest that you gather several names, numbers and email addresses for each media outlet (newspapers, radio and television stations). For example, health reporters, community events reporters or general editors/producers are likely to be the most appropriate contacts for these types of stories.

The steps are fairly easy:

  • Write a press release and distribute it to local media. Contact The LAM Foundation to get a press release template.
  • Check your LAM facts on The LAM Foundation’s website.
  • Check media websites for story idea submission policies.
  • Send your idea, press release or story to the media in your area.
  • When the media contacts you, be prepared to talk to the reporter.
  • Refer the reporter to the Foundation office and website for more information.
  • Inform the Foundation of your successful submission.

You may need to submit your idea several times before the media shows interest, especially if there is breaking news occurring.

Raising Awareness in Your Community

There are a variety of ways to raise awareness in your own community.

  • Locate community organizations with an interest in health or women’s issues. Ask to be a guest speaker and share information about LAM and The LAM Foundation. Click here for Talking Points to help you prepare.
  • Submit a story to your company, church and/or school newsletters about LAM and the work of The LAM Foundation.
  • Add a link to The LAM Foundation’s website on your e-mail signature.
  • Hold a fundraiser.
  • Talk about LAM and The LAM Foundation and ask your family and friends to do the same.
  • Participate in Worldwide LAM Awareness Month (WWLAM) during the month of June!