Fundraising Simplified: Francine Kalogerou

Posted on July 24, 2019   |   
Author: A. Bloomer

Previously on the LAM360 blog, Francine shared her story of her LAM diagnosis in February and how it changed her perspective. Read Francine's full story here. Shortly after her diagnosis, Francine decided to take action. Her plan? To host a fundraiser for The LAM Foundation and what better time than Worldwide LAM Awareness Month. Being new to fundraising, Francine chose to host a walk-a-thon at a local park. She invited her friends and family and was blown away by everyone's willingness to support her cause. 

The day of the walk-a-thon may have been cold and rainy, but Francine's community still showed up to support her. Even though fundraising was new to Francine, she was able to raise nearly $4,000 in just a few months because of her passion. She shared her story and the mission of The LAM Foundation and the generosity came pouring in. In 2019, if just nine more people follow Francine's example, The LAM Foundation will have the funds to support a LAM scientist with a $50,000 Pilot Grant Award - pushing LAM science forward! Every dollar makes a difference for the entire LAM Community. 

Email Molly Long at The LAM Foundation to become a LAM Champion! 

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