Top 10 Ways YOU Can Accelerate LAM Research

Posted on February 03, 2017   |   

by Sue Sherman, Executive Director of The LAM Foundation

Facilitating and funding research has always been the core mission of The LAM Foundation. In this regard, we have achieved exceptional results as a rare disease organization and a united community.

This is possible when each of us 1) identifies what we can do and 2) TAKES ACTION. Together we can stimulate new ideas, unleash new funding and deliver a cure for LAM.

Here is a list of ten ways that you can contribute to LAM Research – how many will you choose?

  1. CLICK on The LAM Foundation Video Library and stay informed about LAM research by watching world class presentations by global experts.
  2. CONTACT Tania Machado about participating in LAM research at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). First-time LAM research participants may qualify for travel assistance through the Helen Green Travel Fund.
  3. READ Journeys. The newest edition will arrive in your mailbox in early February and included you will find a summary of the LAM research presented at the 2016 International LAM Research Conference.
  4. ENGAGE on the NEW LAM360 Discussion Forum and on social media to share your experiences living with LAM. Friends, family and LAM patients are all welcome.
  5. ATTEND a LAM Regional Educational Meeting near you.
  6. VISIT your LAM Clinic and ask staff about LAM research opportunities.
  7. ENCOURAGE patients with LAM and their families to register with The LAM Foundation.
  8. ESTABLISH a monthly recurring gift to The LAM Foundation and select RESEARCH as your preferred activity to support.
  9. CALL a research coordinator and see if you are eligible to participate in a LAM Clinical Trial.
  10. DONATE LAM tissue via surgery, blood or chyle samples to LAM researchers by contacting Anne McKenna at Donated LAM cells are the single best resource for LAM scientists to use in their research.

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