Supplemental Oxygen Guide

There is an increasing number of issues shared within our LAM community about access to liquid oxygen therapy. The LAM Foundation has teamed up with other rare and chronic lung disease organizations to fight for your rights to the most appropriate oxygen therapy. We are grateful to the COPD Foundation for sharing the attached educational/advocacy materials with us. If you are experiencing issues with your oxygen supplier, be sure to read through our Supplemental Oxygen Guide. Even if you have private insurance, consider making phone calls regarding the issues you’re facing. The COPD Foundation tracks trends and issues with suppliers, no matter the insurance payer. By speaking up, you will help us build our case for better access and reimbursement. The LAM community perspective is particularly important because we need to fight for the rights of active people who want to stay mobile – not tethered to a tank at home.

Click here to access the Supplemental Oxygen Guide.