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The Multicenter Interventional Lymphangioleiomyomatosis Early Disease (MILED) Trial Is Open to Enrollment

The MILED Trial is a research study led by Dr. McCormack at the University of Cincinnati. The study is very close to opening additional sites with a goal of opening all sites by the end of 2017. The study will enroll 60 eligible LAM patients across the country.

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LAM and TSC Patients Present to the FDA

While in Washington, DC in June, The LAM Foundation and TS Alliance joined forces to communicate the patient perspective on living with LAM to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This important work helps the FDA understand the ‘Voice of the Patient’ and gives them perspective on living with these diseases so they can make better decisions on future drug development.

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Educating Pulmonologists at the ATS Conference

Over 16,000 pulmonologists from more than 90 countries gathered in Washington, DC for the annual American Thoracic Society (ATS) Conference. The LAM Foundation was there too, educating physicians, researchers, clinic coordinators; building LAM awareness in this action-filled week.  Click here to read more about all that took place.

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Air We Breathe Campaign: Building Awareness at Physician Conferences

Laura Bowers took the Air We Breathe Campaign to three medical conferences this May, building LAM awareness with physicians who first witness LAM symptoms with their patients.

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Joel Moss, MD, PhD, Wins Prestigious NIH Orloff Award

he LAM Foundation congratulates Joel Moss, MD, PhD, for winning the 2016 National Institutes of Health Orloff Award. Dr. Moss and his team won this award for demonstrating the effects of therapy, hormonal status and cell signaling pathways on the detection and characterization of circulating tumor cells in patients with lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM) and tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC) and in models of tumorigenesis.

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The Air We Breathe Campaign takes LAM Guidelines on the Road

Laura Bowers is preparing to take the LAM Clinical Guidelines on the road to present them to Emergency Room and Ob/Gyn doctors. During the month of May, Laura Bowers and a handful of women with LAM will share their journeys and exhibit the newly published clinical LAM guidelines with the hope of educating doctors and giving them the tools to diagnose women with LAM faster.

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Helen Green Research Travel Fund

Women with LAM understand the importance of participating in LAM research. One of the most comprehensive and longest running LAM research studies is at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). For years, the NIH generously provided travel reimbursement for women with LAM to travel to the NIH to take part in the LAM protocol. Last year, patients new to the protocol had to cover their own travel expenses. When LAM patient Becky Hobgood found out about the change, she decided to do something about it.

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We're Platinum!

Thanks to our ongoing commitment to organizational transparency and ethical nonprofit practices, The LAM Foundation was recently awarded GuideStar’s highest honor, Platinum participant status.

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2016 Advances in LAM

With your help, The LAM Foundation continues to be the leading champion for LAM patients and their families throughout the world. 2016 was a busy year for the Foundation, as we have continued to execute on visionary strategies to accelerate research, improve patient care, and ultimately to find a cure.

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From Drug Trial to FDA Approval

Frank McCormack, MD and Bruce Trapnell, MD recount the unique path it took to receive FDA approval of sirolimus for the treatment of LAM.

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