The LAM Foundation Advocates for Fair Oxygen Use

In an ongoing attempt to continue to advocate for patient access to oxygen, The LAM Foundation is proud to be one of eleven organizations issuing a letter to the Acting Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services.

The letter spells out the following problems with the current system for obtaining supplemental oxygen:

  • The current system for obtaining a prescription for supplemental oxygen is obsolete and incompatible for the several current FDA approved systems on the market, resulting in patients receiving oxygen systems that are different than the ones being prescribed by the doctors
  • Patients are experiencing a lack of access to liquid oxygen
  • Patients experience slow or no resolution to problems with their oxygen equipment, including broken systems and missing equipment
  • Some patients do not receive their deliveries on time or do not receive enough oxygen for their needs
  • Patients do not receive adequate training on how to use their oxygen equipment
  • The equipment delivered to patients is not always tested to ensure it is providing enough oxygen

The letter outlines information that was gathered and analyzed from a survey that was sent out to patients who use supplemental oxygen (including LAM patients) last year.

The LAM Foundation is proud to be a part of this important advocacy effort. CLICK HERE to read the letter in its entirety.