The LAM Foundation Patient Benefit Grant Program

In November 2017, The LAM Foundation held the first-ever LAM Patient Benefit Conference, an innovative meeting where patients, scientists, clinicians and innovators collaborated to find science-driven solutions to important life style, and mental and physical health issues that LAM patients identified as most important and relevant to them. The main goal of the conference was to frame ideas new products or services with the potential to benefit LAM patients in the shorter term: five years or less.

In advance of the event, The LAM Foundation conducted two surveys – one for LAM patients, and one for LAM clinic directors. The collective feedback of 250 patients and 16 clinic directors enabled The LAM Foundation to identify the following six topics that were addressed at the conference:

  • Biomarkers and Imaging for LAM
  • Supplemental Oxygen and LAM
  • Exercise and LAM
  • Fatigue
  • Coping and Mental Wellness
  • The Clinic Experience and Patient Reported Data

Through moderated solutions workshops utilizing Design Thinking concepts, patients, researchers, clinicians and thought leaders discussed how to cultivate solutions for each of these topics. The outcomes were presented at the closing plenary where patients voted to prioritize ideas, projects and directions. The momentum of this stimulating meeting was taken to the LAM Breath of Hope Gala and nearly $200,000 in funds were raised for a newly established Patient Benefit Grant Program.


Mission of the Patient Benefit Grant Program

The mission of this grant program is to fund proposals that have the potential to result in present-day solutions that positively impact the diagnosis, care or quality of life of patients with LAM.

Evaluation Criteria

Proposals with the potential to directly benefit LAM patients by 2023 will be most favored.

Grant Types

Two major categories of grants are available – scientific (basic/clinical/translational research) proposals and innovative product proposals. Innovative product proposals include but are not limited to physical product development, services, software, and integrated systems.

Funding Amounts

Grant awards from $5000 to $50,000 are available, and we have nearly $200,000 to devote to this initiative. We will evaluate the expense to benefit ratio of each individual proposal, and the fit with the overall grant award portfolio. The objective will be to fund the pool of grants that provides the maximum benefit for the available funds. For instance, the LAM Executive Committee may decide that it is in the best interest of LAM patients to fund five, $10,000 grants than a single $50,000 grant, even if the larger grant received the highest score of all submitted proposals. Therefore, it will be prudent for investigators to ‘right size’ requested funding, to increase the chances of success.

Project Design and Practicality

Project design should state the deliverable, as well as the actions and the process(es) that will be employed to meet the patient needs that were identified at the conference. We will look for a vision, a plan for integration, and the milestones that will be achieved at each step of the process.


Proposals that are most likely to impact the diagnosis, management and the quality of life for the greatest number of LAM patients will be given priority.


Live Chats - dates TBD
Letter of Intent (LOI) - EXTENDED - Due Sunday, March 4, 2018 by 11:00 PM
(Applicants will be notified if they have been selected to submit a full grant proposal. Full application instructions will be sent at that time.)
Full Grant Application - Due Friday, April 20, 2018 by 11:00 PM
Awards Announced - June 2018

The LAM Foundation Survey Support for Building LOI or Grant Support Data

The planning for some projects may be enhanced using data captured using LAM Foundation driven surveys. Surveys can give a team an estimate of the sample size available, community needs, scope of the problem or enthusiasm for the idea, and thus help teams develop their budget and strategies.

Survey support will be provided by The LAM Foundation for short surveys (3-5 questions). A member of the Foundation staff will build the survey in SurveyMonkey, distribute it to the LAM community and collect and compile the data. The data will be exported and sent to the requestor in an Excel format. Free text options should be minimized. Surveys that provide ‘clickable’ options and that are as short and easy to complete as possible are preferred.

Survey requests should be directed to Kim Hasselfeld at

Patient Benefit Discussion Forum

On The LAM Foundation’s website, potential applicants will be able to access dedicated space in the LAM360 portal to use as a communication tool for their working group. The portal will provide a single point for access to project discussions and information 24 hours a day. Teams will be able to use the portal to communicate directly with specific team members or to the audience at large.

CLICK HERE to access the Patient Benefit Discussion Forum.



Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply for the Patient Benefit Grant?plus

All attendees of the November 2017 LAM Patient Benefit conference are eligible to apply for LAM Patient Benefit Grant Program. Others who wish to apply are invited to write to the LAM Foundation for permission to submit a proposal.

What budget expenses are discouraged?plus

As the amount of money is limited and the number of proposal we would like to fund will likely exceed our capacity, we ask that applicants hone their budgets to amounts absolutely required for project completion. Cost efficiency will be considered along with scientific merit in all funding decisions. Examples of allowed costs: technician or fellow effort; coordinator effort; supplies, reagents, external vendor fees. Examples of costs that are discouraged include PI effort, travel, laboratory equipment, and computers.

What is the "Letter of Intent"?plus

The letter of intent is a required document. Selected proposals will be invited to submit a full grant application. Please see important dates and events above for deadlines. Click here for more information for the Letter of Intent and how to submit it.

I've missed the “Letter of Intent” deadline? Can I still apply?plus

No, a letter of Intent must be submitted by the deadline in order to be eligible to submit a full application.

Does the grant expire?plus

All funds must be used within 36 months of the initial award date as outlined in the grant submission.

Who should I contact with questions about the program?plus

If you have questions about the Patient Benefit Grant program, please contact Kim Hasselfeld at or Sue Sherman at

What resources are available to support my LOI submission?plus

If you need resources to support your LOI submission, The LAM Foundation staff, as well as support for surveys and other data collection may be available to you. Please reach out to Kim Hasselfeld at for more details.

What will happen during the “Live Chat” Sessions?plus

During the “Live Chat,” potential applicants interested in the grant program can join via a webinar to discuss the program and the application process with The LAM Foundation staff.