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Add Your Personal Touch to this Year’s LAM Quilts

It's Quilt Time X

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The Senate is scheduled to debate the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2017 (S. 2943), which includes two provisions that would significantly restrict and possibly even eliminate funding for the medical research programs conducted by the Department of Defense (DoD), including research funded by the Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Research Program (TSCRP).

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The LAM Foundation Attends the American Thoracic Society Conference

The American Thoracic Society (ATS) held its international conference May 13- 18 in downtown San Francisco. Members of The LAM Foundation staff, along with expert LAM researchers and clinicians, were in town sharing LAM awareness and educating other lung professionals on the symptoms and signs and how to diagnose LAM.

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Highlights from the Million Dollar Bike Ride

Not only did our Easy Breathers brave the cold rainy weather to cross the finish-line, they also hit their goal of raising $50,000 for LAM Research. Because they hit their goal, UPenn Orphan Disease Center will match those funds, dollar for dollar. Now two LAM researchers can receive grants to further their research studies!

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The Twenty Best Things About LAMposium

Pat Rubadeau talks about the top twenty reasons why she likes best about LAMposium. 

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Join us at the American Thoracic Society Conference in San Francisco

The American Thoracic Society (ATS) is hosting their annual conference in San Francisco May 13 – 18. Pulmonary, critical care, and sleep professionals who are members of the ATS will gather for educational seminars, workshops and exhibitions. The LAM Foundation will also be there and would like you to join us as we promote LAM awareness by educating lung professionals about the symptoms and signs of LAM, diagnostics, treatment and research advances.

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A Million Things to Do at the Million Dollar Bike Ride

We are just a week away from the starting line at the Million Dollar Bike Ride. The LAM Easy Breathers Cycling Team is 42 riders strong and working hard to raise money for LAM research. If you live near Philadelphia or are in town, check out some of the activities you may want to attend. And of course you do not need to be in Philadelphia to take part in all of the festivities surrounding the event!

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The LAM Story told by Francis Collins, MD, PhD, Director of the NIH

Director of the NIH, Francis Collins, MD, PhD, opens a Rare Disease Day Conference at the NIH with the story about how the LAM Community came together to lead the way to the FDA approval of Rapamune for the treatment of LAM.

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A new function of mTOR with implications for LAM cell growth and, perhaps, treatment

In an ongoing series of studies in our lab over the past 4 years, funded in part by a generous LAM Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship to Issam, we set out to define the metabolic changes that occur when mTOR is activated both physiologically in normal cells and pathologically, upon loss of function of the tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC) genes, which underlies the development of LAM. These studies, which Issam lead in collaboration with two other postdoctoral fellows from the lab, Jessica Howell and Gerta Hoxhaj, made an important new discovery regarding the cellular functions of mTOR that contribute to its role in promoting cell growth. In two separate papers in Science1, 2, the most recent being published this February, we describe two previously unknown functions for mTOR that stimulate the synthesis of nucleotides, the building blocks for our genetic material RNA and DNA.

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Something New to Learn Every Year at LAMposium


Every woman has a story about her path to a LAM diagnosis. My story actually began with a diagnosis of mononucleosis. In late 2011, I was feeling so tired and weak that I could barely stand up. After a series of blood tests, my doctor sent me to the hospital, but the ER sent me home after the mono diagnosis. At age 48, jokes ensued.

But my doctor was convinced something additional was wrong, and after further testing and consultation with an endocrinologist, he diagnosed me with adrenal insufficiency, aka Addison’s disease. The abdomen CT he had ordered showed some lung nodules that he wanted to re-check in three months.

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